My first music video

Today Facebook showed me a memory...

       It was a picture of me working with some friends making my first music video. I can remember it distinctly. It was on my first tour; I had called my friend Andrew who lives in Seattle. I told him I was making a stop in Seattle and was wondering if we could do a video together. We meet up early in the morning at the pier. Now Seattle is usually windy and rainy, but that day the wind was ferocious. Since I didn't have an album yet we had to record the video live with the gale-force winds. Even though we took a few cuts and recordings to get a good vocal take. I was so nervous still that I played the song way to fast. The song I sang was Paper Poetry, my first song I really liked of my own. Looking back, it was a lot of fun and even though I didn't sing the song exactly how I wanted it. The video my friends made turned out great. 

      Paper Poetry is coming out on my new album as a remaster version. Just like my musician ship, the song has evolved over the years. Maybe I'll make another music video for it as well. If you haven't seen the original video yet. Click on the video below, I hope you enjoy my very first music video. 

Thank you,