Franks like the hotdog

It was a cold windy February day. I was performing at the Moses Lake Brews and Tunes beer festival. My wife (Briana) and my friends,(Taegan, Carmen, Jordan and Cassandra) all toured the festival as I played. At every show I explain how my name is spelt. Only because its so hard to spell correctly. After I spell my name out I say, "and Franks like the hotdog". Well, my friends have heard me say this numerous times but it must have been the festival tour that got their creative juices flowing. On a break, my wife and Taegan come up to me and say they have the best idea ever. Their idea was to cartoonize a hotdog guy who had my look to it. For those who haven't seen me perform. I usually wear a news boy hat, suspenders, bow-tie and leather boots when I play. While they were brainstorming they drew up a rough draft on one of their phones and sent it to me. 

After a few weeks of trying to draw the character ourselves we decided to look for help. I heard about a website called and found a great artist. We corresponded a few times telling him what we wanted the hotdog guy to look like. He spent about a week on it and send me 3 images pictured to the left. I decided to have a little fun with it and put those pictures on social media. I asked all my followers to vote for what one was their favorite. With the vote in we sent it to the artist and he took the second phase of coloring the picture. Again he sent me a few choices of color schemes and I put them on social media for a vote. I wanted to put it up for a vote because I thought the more interactive the experience the more people would be intro supporting the merch the cartoon man was used on. 

Once we finally decided what we wanted I passed that info to the artist and we finished up. Now the Hotdog man is on a shirt, and available as a decal. Check out the store to buy one.